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BAJA SAE Collegiate Design Series

The inaugural Mini Baja event was held in 1976 and hosted by the University of South Carolina. This was the first competition in what would become SAE's Collegiate Design Series.


In 1978 Mini Baja was divided into three competitions: Mini Baja East, Midwest Mini Baja and Mini Baja West. The name of the series was changed to Baja SAE effective with the 2006 competitions. The three competitions are differentiated by adding the name of the host institution, city or state. 

In 2015  Mexico  became the fourth international event in North America.

“2021 BAJA SAE Mexico” International Event


2-5 DECEMBER  2021


Toluca Estado de Mexico

Static Events:  To be confirmed

Dynamic Events: To be confirmed



Please feel free to surf the website and should you have any questions please go to the contact tab and we´ll be happy to help you.




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