“2021 BAJA SAE Mexico Competition”

International Event

WHEN? 2nd - 5th December


Toluca, State of Mexico

Static Events:  TBC

Dynamic Events: TBC

Start of registration: July 15 th 2021

Registration closure: 14 noviembre 2021


2 stages are contemplated for the payment of inscriptions:

  • 1st stage: $ 3000.00 MXN without limit of participants to ensure the place in the competition and that with it in case of any notification of change from face-to-face to virtual competition. This osto also applies to new teams that want to participate in the competition.

  • 2nd stage: $ 5000.00 MXN as full payment of the face-to-face competition (After the face-to-face event confirmation date)



It is a competition endorsed by SAE International, where teams from different universities will have the opportunity to show the work done for the development of their BAJA SAE vehicle as well as put it to the test in dynamic tests. Also forge experience in newly created teams. This in order that they can have the opportunity to learn more about the competition in person as well as present in static tests either in person or virtual for teams that do not have a physical vehicle.


This plan will be in accordance with the current pandemic situation in Mexico at both the federal and state levels, as well as, the progress in the vaccination plan for young people between 18 and 29 years old published by the Mexican federal government. As a possible confirmation date of face-to-face competition will be September 24, 2021 and this notification will be through our social networks and website.


In the case of virtual competition, the same format as last year will be used, and only the sales, cost and design presentations will be evaluated in a virtual way.

For the face-to-face event in case of confirmation, the number of members per team will be defined according to the recommendations issued by the Secretary of Health at the federal level for events with participants. In the following link you will find more information for the development of the event.



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