“2021 BAJA SAE Mexico Competition”

International Event


It is a competition endorsed by SAE International, where new teams  from different universities will have the opportunity to show the work done for the development of their BAJA SAE vehicle as well as put it to the test in dynamic tests.

To the 2021 competition, teams must compete into a hybrid model. The hybrid model will place all static events (Cost, Design and Sales Events), will be evaluated in a “Virtual Presentation” event, and all dynamic events (plus engine check and technical inspection) in an “In-person Validation event "   

*Operating in this model will allow new universities/teams to participate in at the Virtual competition, without participate with a physical vehicle only present your 3D BAJA SAE car Model.*


Is mandatory that the teams interested in the Tech Inspection and Dynamic events, the teams should participate in Virtual Competition (Static Events). In the button COVID-19 Plan link you will find more information for the development of the event. (Soonly!) 



- Static Events:  3-5 December 2021 "Virtual Competition"

- Dynamic Events + Tech Inspection: February 24th - 26th, 2022, but TBC for In-person Event (this it is subjected to change according with the pandemic situation)


Toluca, State of Mexico

Static Events: Virtual Competition

Tech Inspection Event Host University: TBC

Dynamic Events: TBC

Registration dates for Virtual Competition (Static Events)

Start of registration: October 1st 2021

Registration closure: November 21th 2021

Registration dates for In person competition (Dynamic Events+ Tech Inspection)

Start of registration: January 10th 2022

Registration closure: February 10th 2022



1-. For Virtual Competition (Static Events): $ 3000.00 MXN without limit of participants This cost also applies to new teams that want to participate in the competition.

2- For the Dynamic and Tech Inspection Event, are contempled 2 stages:

  • 1st stage: $ 6000.00 MXN  this costs include faculty advisor, captain team and 10 members (Limited due pandemic situation) from January 10th to January 25th.

  • 2nd stage: $7500 MXN  this costs include faculty advisor, captain team and 10 members (Limited due pandemic situation) from January 26th to February 10th .

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COVID-19 Plan