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In an effort to homologate the official events around the globe, all the rules and official documents are exactly the same  and you can download them either from links below or from any other SAE competition website (https://www.bajasae.net/page.aspx?pageid=adf72d6d-1f90-459f-9929-8950189ef6e8).

 PLEASE BEWARE that below you can find an official “Addendum BAJA SAE Mexico Rules” which has some modifications on dates, procedures and slight rule application changes, HOWEVER it does not represent any need for changing your vehicle/equipment if it complies with the international rulebook.  The Mexico event will be reinforcing  the full usage and application of ALL the rules as contained in the below rulebook. Finally, in the past the Mexico event used to be flexible with some other rules that include but are not limited to: kill switch model, fire extinguisher model and support, helmet SNELL homologation, fireproof equipment, etc. but this year´s event WILL NOT accept any deviations from the rules.

BAJA SAE RULES  2021