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Please beware about the rule A7.3.1 “Failure to meet deadlines” which establishes that failure of any registered team to meet the submission of cost report, design report and other required technical documents within 10 days after the deadline will result in implicit and irrevocable withdrawal from the event.


*For Mexico event Design Report, and rest of the required technical documents will be sent via email to

*For Mexico  Cost Report  will be sent via email to   with copy to



Deadlines for 2022 Baja SAE Mexico Event are as follows:


  • Design report and technical documents are due on  November 20th 2022  11:59pm CST

  • Cost reports is due on November 20th  2022  11:59pm C

  • Registration opening: August 15th, 2022

  • Registration deadline: November 10th, 2022


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