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Registration process opens on june 1st, 2019 at 10:00am CST and will consist of the following 3 stages:



1- Maximum 3 entries per University at $7,000 mxn (~$350 USD) each car. (Starts june 1, 10:00am CDT and ends july 30 11:59pm CDT)

2- Maximum 3 entries per University at $8,000 mxn (~$400 USD) each car. (Starts August 1,  00:00am CDT and ends september 30 11:59pm CDT)


 3-Extemporaneous Registration 

-Maximum 3 entries per University at $9,000 mxn (~$500 USD) each car. (Starts octuber 1,  00:00am CDT and ends october 15 11:59pm CDT)

note: the extemporaneous registration does not include the BAJA SAE shirts or any other material that is donated by the sponsors. It is recommended to the teams that register in the first two stages.


You can choose from the two different payment methods described below:

1st) PayPal / Credit Card (Recommended for International Payments*)

           1) Click on the "Registration by Paypal” button in this website.

           2) Select the item “2019 BAJA SAE Mexico Registration”.

           3) Select the quantity of inscription fees you want to pay.

           4) Click on “Add to Cart”

           5) Click on “View Cart”

           6) Click on PayPal logo.

           7) Select either you want to pay with credit card or PayPal account.

           8) Fulfill the required information “or” sign in to your account and click on “Pay Now”

           9) If your payment is successful you will receive a “Transaction ID” (i.e. 98B80387J0110390X)


2nd) Bank deposit:


No.Cta: 65-50640728-7

CLABE: 014420655064072875



*For local payments received through PayPal/Credit SAE Mexico will only be able to bill the payment to the University for the amount paid minus 5% because of PayPal commission.

When the payment is done, you will have to send screenshot or receipt of payment, along with the registration form completely filled out in its original format (excel) to the email  with copy to:



Expect to receive confirmation of your registration and your official competition number  within 48 hours after your email has been successfully received.


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